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PDF Logger

PDF Logger

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With the PDF Logger®, you require only one single device and no specific software or cables to monitor temperature during the global transfer of cryobiological goods. After the datalogger has been in service for one year, simply discard the logger and purchase a new one for about the same cost of recalibration and battery replacement. 

*Note that the PDF logger adds 0.11 L/day loss rate to any tank to which it is attached.

One Year Warranty - No Returns


• Records and stores up to 16,000 data points
• High and Low Alarm Settings
• No recalibrations
• 1 year lifespan
• No additional software or cables needed!
• ISO 19005-1
• Compliant: GMP, GLP
• CE marked


• PDF Logger
• PDF Logger Temperature Probe
• PDF Logger Mounting Bracket


    PDF Logger Quick Start Guide

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