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The MVE CryoTipper introduces a new solution for transporting and dispensing LN2 for our cryogenic aluminum tanks. The CryoTipper system is designed to transport the tank in the upright configuration regardless of the orientation of the CryoTipper. Due to the unique design of the CryoTipper’s swivel system, transporting the dewar in the upright configuration increases the safety concerns when transporting tanks such as the risk of spilling LN2. The CryoTipper’s swivel system also enables tipping the dewar completely upside down in order to dispense liquid nitrogen. Heavy duty velcro strap are included to secure the tank into the CryoTipper when being transported or used to dispense LN2.


• Swivel system to enable tipping and inverting the dewar to dispense LN2 from an MVE        liquid tank or vapor shipper
• Heavy duty velcro straps to secure tank into swivel cage system
• Cage system padding to protect the tank from damage
• Rugged rubber wheels for easily transporting tanks on all surfaces
• Adjustable ring to ensure tight fit around the tank


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