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AI Kit- With Electric Thaw Unit

AI Kit- With Electric Thaw Unit

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AI kit comes with all the items below.

(1) AI gun  - The AI kits come standard with a Universal AI Gun with Self Locking Head - works with any size straw or any sheath

(2) pkg of 50 each sheaths - Unslit w/Blue Insert (IMV)

(1) box of 100 gloves - BIO-SAFE 90, Shoulder Length, Blue

(1) Thaw Unit -comes with two cords, one for household and one for car cigarette lighter

(1) tweezer - for 1/2 cc straws

(1) thermometer

(1) straw cutter for 1/2 cc straws

(1) squeeze tube of lube - 8 oz - GP Non-Spermicidal (PC)

(1) Carry Case - Professional, Empty, Plastic


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