SC 20/20 Signature

SC 20/20 Signature

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The SC Series is designed for the user who has small capacity needs, but requires long-term storage and low liquid nitrogen consumption in a convenient lightweight package. 

The SC 20/20 Signature includes the Bend Don't Break durability feature. After 2 years in concept testing, the new SC 20/20 Signature includes a new top head shape which deforms in order to absorb G-force damage to the neck area. This increases the durability of the SC 20/20 Signature and will make the tank more robust to MINIMIZE the mishandling of transport damage. Although the
bend concept allows for visible outside evidence that it has been tipped or dropped during transport, it will be more resilient and less likely to break minimizing the chances of product loss. 

Liquid Nitrogen Filling Deflector - The neck ring on the SC 20/20
Signature includes a deflector that diverts liquid nitrogen away from the
pump-out valve in case of liquid nitrogen overflow.


Maximum Storage Capacity  
No of Canisters  6
No of 1/2 cc Straws (10/cane) 660
Number of 1/2 cc Straws (1 Level Bulk) 879
Performance (Hold Time overrides NER specifications)
LN2 Capacity w/o Inventory L est 20.5
Static Evaporation Rate L/day 0.085
Working Duration (Full Days) 150
Unit Dimensions
Neck Opening in (mm) 2.18 (55)
Over Height in (mm) 26.0 (660)
Outside Diameter in (mm) 14.5 (368)
Canister Height in (mm) 11.0 (279)
Canister Diameter in (mm) 1.65 (41.9)
Weight Empty lb. (kg) 22.5 (10.2)
Weight Full liquid lb (kg) 58.99 (26.7)

* Static evaporation rate and static holding time are nominal. Actual rate and holding time will be affect by the nature of container use, atmospheric conditions, and manufacturing tolerances.


  • Ben'd Don't Break 
  • Designed specifically for farm use
  • Liquid Nitrogen Filling Deflector
  • Low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Convenient lightweight package
  • Five Year Manufacturers Vacuum Warranty


Literature & Manuals

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