Genetic Connections


Whether your needs are for deer, cattle or rodeo stock, Champion Genetics is your custom collection service of choice.  We offer bull and buck semen collection at your site or bulls at our facilities.  In addition, we offer storage, transfer, shipping and supplies.  Consultation and training is available to you as additional services.

SEK GENETICS-GENETIC HORIZONS has always been more than “just” a semen distributor. We started over 30 years ago and our goal has remained the same – to provide reliable, cost effective, responsible service to both buyers and sellers in the cattle genetics industry. We have also recently expanded our services to accommodate the growing demand for small ruminant reproductive work.


Pure Beef Genetics was created to get these efficient, hard working cattle out in front of hard working folks. It’s a breeder to breeder connection that is built on selecting cattle from operations all across the nation with superior phenotype and genetics that will thrive on grass. Imagine the possibility of a herd of cattle that works for the rancher just about as hard as the rancher works for them. Partner with common sense.
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Your complete source for artificial breeding and embryo transfer supplies
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