SC 4/2V or SC 4/3V with Protective Shipping Container

SC 4/2V or SC 4/3V with Protective Shipping Container

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These are the perfect shipping (vapor) tanks for you to ship semen/embryos.

Light weight and durable describes our vapor shipper and protective cover series.

The 4/2V holds 120 1/2 cc straws and the hold time is 2 weeks.
The 4/3V holds 280 1/2 cc straws and the hold time is 3 weeks.

Choose the model that fits your specific needs.  Reliable and easy to use!

Featuring Advanced QWick Charge Technology



Maximum Storage Capacity
No of Canisters  1
No of 1/2 cc Straws (10/cane) -
No. of 1/2cc Straws 1 Level Bulk 88
No of 1/4 cc Straws 1 Level Bulk 182
Performance (Hold Time overrides NER specifications)
LN2 Capacity w/o Inventory L est 1.5
Static Holding Time Days 8
Static Evaporation Rate* L/day 0.19
Unit Dimensions
Neck Opening in (mm) 1.40 (35.0)
Over Height in (mm) 13.5 (343)
Outside Diameter in (mm) 7.25 (184)
Canister Height in (mm) 5.0 (127)
Canister Diameter in (mm) 1.20 (31)
Weight Empty lb. (kg) 6.0 (2.7)
Weight Charged vapor lb (kg) 8.0 (3.6)
Weight Full liquid lb (kg) 9.0 (4.1)
Plastic Protective Shipping Container (part #) 20750408


* Static evaporation rate and static holding time are nominal. Actual rate and holding time will be affect by the nature of container use, atmospheric conditions, and manufacturing tolerances.

  • MVE Protective Shipping Containers are recommended
  • Protective Containers ensure upright shipping
  • Liquid and vapor storage options
  • Low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Charges in 2 Hours
  • Three Year Manufacturers Vacuum Warranty


Literature & Manuals

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