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MVE Protective Shipping Container

MVE Protective Shipping Container

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The MVE Protective Shipping Containers are utilized to safeguard a tank during transport. There are protective shipping containers for each of the Chart/MVE vapor shippers and select liquid tanks. Protective shipping containers promote upright shipping orientation and anti-stacking with its unique mushroom design in order to incentive the optimal shipping conditions. and Chart/MVE recommends that all shipments utilize a Protective Shipping Container in order to protect your tank's precious contents. 



  • Promote upright shipping orientation for optimal hold time results
  • Chart/MVE Stainless Steel Plate to securely adhere shipping documents
  • Ensure anti-stacking on top of a tank
  • Rubber locking system to secure the tank inside
  • Vet-Seal compatible
  • Dense and abundant styrofoam padding inside
  • Smaller containers have pail handle
  • Larger containers have two stainless steel handles
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