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Semen Tanks

Custom Tank Top and Handle Package

Custom Tank Top and Handle Package

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The Original Tank Top and Handle Package allows you to showcase your brand, farm, or anything you want on your tank! 

Upload your logo design and preview your original tank top and handle!

Three easy steps:   

  • Choose your Size
  • Choose your  Color
  • Leave it Blank or Personalize It

    Allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery


    Extra Small - (Fits 4/2V and 4/3V)

    XC-11 - (Fits SC 11/7 and Doble 11)

    Small - (fits XC 20 Signature, SC 20/20 Signature, Doble 20, and SC 20/12V)

    Medium - (fits XC 34/18, SC 33/26, XC 33/22, Doble 34 and SC 36/32)

    Large - (fits XC 43/28, 47-11-6, 47-11-10, Doble 47 and Doble 47-11-10)


    Made in the USA

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